Is there any way to remove scratches from the windscreen of the car?

The answer to the question “Is there any way to remove scratches from the windscreen of the car?” is YESS! We can remove scratches from the windscreen of the car for sure by adopting a few simple techniques.

Some of the windscreen scratches are flexible to a “windscreen polish” and a “buffing pad”. Some experimental work explains that Cerium oxide paste is powerful for removing windscreen scratches.

The rough windscreen looks so untidy. Besides that, it is also unsafe while driving at night. Light beam striking with windscreen If falls on a scratch, it splits into many rays which causes disturbance on the whole windscreen and can be extremely harmful.

In this blog, you would come across all the methods of removing scratches from the windscreen of the car.

Washing/protecting windscreen

Checking the depth of the scratch:

Move your finger vertically on the scratch. If your finger gets caught it elaborates, how deep the scratch is. Do remember the deep scratches are not at all flexible. While those scratches which feel smooth on the hands are flat enough to be flexible.

Deep scratches usually grow with the passage of the time until the windscreen breaks. In such a case replacing the whole windshield is a wise idea, for the sake of safety.

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Washing the windscreen with a glass cleaner:

Whenever you want to apply a polishing product, you should clean off all the dirt etc. from the screen first. First of all, the screen should be cleaned with a normal window cleaner. Special cleaners should be used to clean the tough stains.

Dishwashers rub off car paint, so it’s not a good idea to use it on a windscreen. Instead of this, mix 1 part of vinegar with 1 part of H2O (water).

Scrapping of grime with a razor:

Plastic razors should be preferred over the metal ones. Because metal razors will end up forming, even more, scratches on the windscreen. Move the plastic razor back and forth on the windscreen, continue doing the same procedure until the “grime” is clean, then wash the screen thoroughly with water and damp with a cloth.

                                       Buffing out scratches

White toothpaste:

Toothpaste is a good alternative to buffing compounds. It fills in scratches but needs several applications to fill in nicely. Mix a non-gel toothpaste with soda (baking soda). Then start buffing the paste into the scratches with a pad.

Apply the toothpaste in the same manner as we apply cerium oxide. After enough rubbing when you feel like scratches are gone, then wipe off the excess paste with a microfiber cloth.

Toothpaste is a lot better than other cleaning compounds because it’s harmless. It is effective but is slow in progress than other compounds.

Repair powder:

Cerium oxide powder is a very harsh “irritant”. Safety precautions should always be considered while opening the polish. It’s very volatile, so in order to avoid any sort of lung injury, face mask should always be worn.

Wearing goggles should be a first preference when applying the cerium oxide powder. It will reduce the risk of powder interaction with eyes.

Working in a ventilated environment should be favored. Because the cerium powder might cause severe irritation sometimes.

We hope this article was useful to you. Removing scratches from the windscreen is very important. Because an important of the car’s safety is maintaining a clean view of the road you are looking at. Don’t take scratched windscreen easy because it might be a life-risking act. So for the sake of safety windscreen should always be kept clean.