How To Make Your Old Car Look New Again?

When you love your car you make obvious efforts to take care of it that includes taking care of its appearance too. It could be an old model but when you love it you’ll want to make it look new again.

Lucky you! Here are a few tips and DIYs that could help you achieve that wish.

  1. Car cleaning

With soap and a bucket of water, you can get the car cleaning done at home. That is self-care you could give to your car if your juggling through a busy schedule than arrange an appointment for a deep car wash that your car deserves after accumulating dirt and grime over the year in that dainty garage.

  1. Upgrade the tech or add some new Tec

As a new model of cars is introduced in the market with fine car tech and yours might seem outdated. This is the time to upgrade that tec with more sophisticated ones. But you would be limited as to what you could upgrade since you could be an old model.

  1. It’s time to invest in the aesthetics … paint job!

Give your car that makeover!  Top items to think about are the price, print quality or alternative options (car wrap).

If you are looking to make your car look new temporarily than car wrap is an option .getting your car wrapped is becoming one of those popular trends in the automobile industry.

These vinyl wraps do not damage the original paint of your car and if any damage is suffered by a vinyl wrap that section only can be replaced.

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  1. Headlights and tail lights

If you own a car that is old adding on a new head and tail light could give the car that remodeled look. Old headlights could make car look worn down so switching up those car bulbs could freshen up the ambiance of the car.

  1. Long due repair and fixes

Battery replacing, squeaky brakes repairs and many other minor fixes could do wonders for smooth driving.

Those minor cleaning chores like wiping the dashboard, vacuuming the carpets, etc help with creating a new and neat interior.

  1. Old part replacement

With old cars, there are signs of wear and tear accompanied by some parts and now could be the right time to find their better replacement. This can boost overall satisfaction with your car. Yes, don’t forget the tires just as the interior part maintenance is important the exteriors parts also need attention. New car tyre and car rim cleaner should be used to give that polished and neat look to the tyre.

  1. Car waxing

If you want to hide little scratch or marks on your vehicle then waxing can help with that. It’s not a hard task to do. If you can’t access the wax kit in local stores for automobiles then the online purchase is always another option.

  1. Basic maintenance

Things like changing oils, filter replacements, checking belts are a part of daily maintenances that could be a hassle but these are one of those things that ensure your old car keeps on running for many years to come.

  1. Seat covers

When you have an old car it is obvious that over the years of its use now is the time to change those worn out seat cover. It could be time-consuming and expensive to do that but there are cheaper and more stylish seat covers out there that might just fi  t your taste and contribute to the ambiance of the car.

  1. Decorate car with various accessories.

Adding accessories to your car gives it taste and style. This could make the car appear up to date but beware!  Bulking on too many accessories could become tacky.

With the help of all of the above-mentioned tips, you can easily take care of your vehicle and make it look new again.