Tips To Make Your Car Summer Ready

Scorching heat on our heads and summer sneaking at us, it means Spring is around the corner, and it`s time for some road trips. Adventure of travelling tempts us to go shopping, take a shiny sunbath on the beach or a family picnic trip at your favourite resort. Every year there is a lot of discussion on winter driving conditions and how winters affect our car. But are you getting ready for summers too? Sizzling heat, hot asphalt of roads, dryness in weather makes difficult working conditions for your car.

These changes in the environment also affect our car. Make your car summer-ready too; if it`s in the fine condition, it will be more valuable and have a better market rate to sell any time. Consider these few tips before travelling during spring and summer months.

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Tires to be tightened:

As the summer heat is not lenient with you, it doesn’t mean you would do the same with your car tires. Have a regular check on them because they are the only source of contact you have with the road. After some years your car`s tires eventually show their age and start losing their grip, which could be dangerous at high speeds. Hot tires and roads make a perfect recipe for a blowout if you have such wear and tear tires. Prevent these catastrophic events by a monthly checkup and do replace them with required air pressure. Take care of tires and make your safety and others your priority. In order to make your car summer-ready, here are the five helpful tips:

Fuel Up:

As we all know that to keep our body hydrated with a healthy diet and plenty of water in summers, we should treat our car in the same way. A rise in temperature makes your car in need of higher viscosity oil. New cars won’t show any problems, but for an old car, it might be fine using heavier oil to avoid any problems in the engine. Before making this change, you should consider a visit to your mechanic what he refers to your car and which oil is more suitable in such a situation. Replacement of oil is recommended after regular intervals to keep the engine in good running shape.

Battery Dates to be checked:

If you think that your car`s battery has a problem with winters only than you should be careful! Because summer is not innocent. Scorching heat can be troublemaker sometimes. Yet again, new batteries can bear the extra temperature, but with old batteries, you should consider carrying a set of jumper cables to avoid being stranded somewhere.

When you go for regular service of your car have a check on battery terminals for corrosion, keep the battery properly mounted, and the fluids are topped with a proper test.

Maintain Coolant levels:

During summer months have a keen look at the temperature gauge of your car. Possibly poor coolant levels can damage your engine. A broken radiator or wrecked hose makes a rise in temperature or leaks the coolant. Cost of repairing and replacing such parts would be expensive. So to avoid overheating, especially in summers plan regular checkups.

Miscellaneous considerations:

With all the above-mentioned precautions and tips, there are some neglected things usually most car owners won’t take care of. Like melted wiper blades on the windshield in the intense summer heat. A proper and professional air conditioning service to keep everyone in the car cool and comfortable. Moreover, a decent, affordable sunshade can be useful to keep your car`s interior free from the hazardous sun rays.

Before travelling, maintain your car for extreme weather conditions and capable of being smooth in drastic environmental changes to keep yourself and others safe from unwanted situations. But if you came across a point where maintaining your old car is much expensive now, then think of getting rid of it, or it would be a piece of rusted metal in the coming years occupying valuable space in your garage.