How to maintain and repair car yourself?

Vehicle service and maintenance are as much as important as you keep your body maintain. If a person knows that his body needs regular maintenance i-e if he is smart, he would like to eat decent food, get proper sleep, hit the gym now and then and visit the doctor if something isn’t working right.

Same like that. Whenever a person uses his car recurrently to go for office, market, university, etc. or even plan a journey to meet his friend or family member in the same city but far away or in another city. It is mandatory to check vehicle performance. Few points are mentioned below to view that how can a car driver keep his vehicle active.

  1. Read the Car Manual:

Car service manual may not be quite as interesting to read as the latest bestselling novel, but it’s full of useful information and tips: which includes fluids checking, tyre pressure, what to do when the engine overheats and how to change the bulbs inside the blinker lights. It guides to the car owner that how efficiently he can perform basic maintenance jobs in the correct way.

  1. Checklist of Car Maintenance and Repairing :

Prepare a checklist of car maintenance and reappearance.

  • Prepare a Basic checklist.
  • The basic checklist included below points
  • Seatbelts checking
  • External Lights (replace bulbs)
  • Handbrake checking
  • Check windscreens and mirrors for cracks
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Check horn function
  • Keep eye on engine oil and engine coolant levels
  • Ensure tyres are at the correct pressures
  • Spare tyre & jack – check toolkit
  • Make Fluids Checklist.

It is necessary to check fluids recurrently and change it when needed. Fluids are the lifeblood of the vehicle. If the mechanic asks when the last time changed your power steering fluid and the answer is “don’t know” or “What’s power steering fluid?” probably it needs to brush up on the fluids your car uses. Most of the car’s fluids are

  • Engine oil
  • Radiator coolant
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Brake fluid, clutch fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Battery electrolyte fluid (distilled water),
  • Gearbox oil

And possibly more depending on the vehicle sort. Check fluids regularly, and replace when it needed.

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  • Prepare Tyres Checklist.

During driving, if you feel that the car is pulling to one side, then it is mandatory to be overdue for a wheel alignment and balance as well. And a good way to extend the life of the tyres is to have them rotated regularly to reduce uneven wear. Few key points to be remembered are:

  • Tyre pressures
  • Treadwear and tread depth
  • Spare tyre
  • Carjack and tools
  • Make Lights Checklist.

It’s another important list which is necessary to make for the implementation on it that includes,

  • Headlights
  • Indicators/hazard lights
  • Brake lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Park & Fog lights

Headlights aren’t manufactured to last forever. Most of them are nothing more than incandescent bulbs mounted on the front of a vehicle, so eventually, they burn out after a specific time.

To change a headlight, first of all, it is compulsory to open the car’s bonnet. Remove the plastic support from the back of the headlight. Not forget to wear insulated gloves and then remove the electrical connectors from the back of the bulb. The bulb should be removable from its point.

Don’t remove the gloves; oils from hands can really damage the new bulb, so be sure to only handle it with gloved hands. Place the new one where the old bulb had been, and replace the connector and the plastic backing. Now check if it is working properly.


3: Change Car Wipers:

The Car wiper blades should be changed at least once in a year or when if car driver having trouble seeing through the windscreen properly. When it is related to the safety measures than a little bit of extra money on some quality blades can be spent without any hesitation and then notice the difference.

4: Engine Air Filter:

A car air filter does work as car’s lungs. If it’s blocked up with dust, it will be letting dirty air into the car engine and affect its performance.

Few air filters are easy to reach and can be changed at home while others are less accessible and required a car technician to replace them.

5: Car Battery:

Car batteries have a habit of keeping them active especially when you required them in an emergency, so it pays to (a) keep track record that how old they are, (b) check the fatal for corrosion whenever it needs to open the bonnet (c) Keep top up the battery fluid when necessary. Use distilled water and don’t fill over.

So now you can easily maintain the car performance better by following these processes.